Flogo Clouds

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Floating Clouds

Flogo Clouds were introduced in 2008 and have been flying high above events all over the world. These environmentally safe clouds not only make an impact at your event but also for miles around. Flogo Clouds are synthesized from a proprietary surfactant based foam formulation and lighter than air gases. They can travel for miles and last up to an hour depending on the atmospheric conditions. Our team is one of the most highly trained and have performed events all over the country. Contact us today to discuss how Flogo Clouds can make the difference at your next event.


headline-cnbcNew Heights in Advertising

Los Angeles Times

headline-la-timesCloud ads such as these appeal to advertisers because they can reach masses of people in ways that other media can’t.

Gwinnett Daily Post

headline-gwinnettReal estate partners demonstrate flogo clouds. It’s truly just a revolutionary way to market.